The Syracuse-Wawasee Historical Museum, Inc. would like to thank you for visiting this website!

Regular Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-2pm


June 1-August 3: Youth History Club on Thursdays 10:30-11:30am
June 1: Food of the Americas
June 8: Archaeologist Cathy visit
June 15: Composting
June 22: Bead Working with The Beading Bee, week 1
June 29: Bead Working with The Beading Bee, week 2
July 6: Games: Math Bowl
July 13: Corn and Mortar & Pestle Use
July 20: Birds
July 27: Basketry
August 3: Food Preservation
June 17: Open House
July 8: Centennial Homes, 10:30am. Topic focuses on Fish Hatchery. Please note this year’s time change to allow the participants to attend Al Campbell’s celebration of life service. 
July 22: Walk Down Memory Lane movie viewing, 2:00-3:30pm
August 12: Centennial Homes, 10:30am.
Topic focuses on Fish Hatchery.
August 31: Archaeology Month program, 6:30pm.
Topic to be decided.
September 1: Archaeology Month program, 6:30pm.
Topic to be decided.
September 2: Archaeology Month program, 9:00am-12:00pm @ WACF

Please note that both Centennial Homes are connected and will focuse on the Fish Hatchery and the communities surrounding it.


The museum is now using Square to take credit cards for purchases and donations!  We hope this allows our visiting patrons more flexibility in purchasing from our gift shop and giving donations in-person. There will be an added 3% charge for all credit usage. If donating online, that will go through PayPal Donations.

Thank you, everyone, for attending our 2022 Summer series of events! We had a fantastic turnout for both Centennial Homes programs and for the 3-day Archaeology Event. Youth History Club was also very well attended.
If you would like a recording of the Centennial Homes programs, please stay tuned for the release date sometime during the winter. The 2016-2021 programs are currently available for purchase for $30.
A raw footage recording of the archaeology programs is available by donation, please speak with the director for availability.


It costs an average of $100 per day for the museum to maintain its collections. Without your support, we cannot keep providing historical services to you, the public. The museum has been diligent this year with updating displays to make it a more inviting and accessible space for you to enjoy. We have also made updates on lighting, storage, and additional displays.  These updates are not included in the daily operations cost. Please consider donating today. Donations are accepted through the “DONATE” button to the right, mail, or in person during business hours. All donations are tax deductible, according to the law. Thank you!
Would you like to know where museum funding is going? Go to the “About Us” menu and click “End-of-Year” where you will find a write-up of all of our activities for the years of 2021-2022.


Located in Syracuse, Indiana in the Syracuse Community Center across from Lakeside Park, the Syracuse-Wawasee Historical Museum, has been offering a glimpse back in time for the Lakeland area since 1987. It was founded with funds gained from the Syracuse Sesquicentennial Celebration and occupied a room in the Syracuse Public Library until June 2002 when it moved to its current location in the Syracuse Community Center.

In Search Of:

The museum is always looking for unique items to add to the collection. Please keep in mind when donating that we keep the history of the Syracuse and Wawasee lakes area, and any artifacts that should belong to a different museum’s collection will be sent to them in due course. If you have any questions about anything you would like to donate, please feel free to call the museum and ask.