Welcome to the new “Research” page of the Syracuse-Wawasee Historical Museum. Here we will place links and documents for digital archival research as they become available. Should you have any questions, or requests, on research, please contact the museum.

This link takes you to the Syracuse-Wawasee Historical Museum’s portion of the state digital platform, Indiana Memories. The SWHM portion currently contains over 3700 photos and documents, with more being prepared for uploading to the platform in the future. Click on “Browse” to begin looking, or by searching with keywords in the “Advanced Search” bar to easily find photos and documents pertaining to many venues and persons within the Syracuse-Wawasee area.

The museum has been fortunate to have all yearbooks dating from 1950-2018 digitized in cooperation with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections: Oklahoma Correctional Industries High School Yearbook Project. This program was offered to us completely free of charge through their digital preservation services and was an enjoyable experience for the museum, library, and Wawasee High School, who all cooperated to make sure we had all of the yearbooks available. The museum staff also scanned copies of their 1933, 1948, and 1949 yearbooks. We hope you enjoy this collection of yearbooks:
Syracuse High School Yearbooks 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 and Wawasee High School.

The George Miles Articles  are a collection of newspaper articles published originally in 1909-1910, and then republished in parts between 1929-1936 (the bulk being 1935-1936). Please note that some articles may not be completed, and are awaiting research of the microfilm archives in order to complete them. Refer to the color-coded chart at the beginning of the document in regards to colored words within the text.
*Note* To search by topic in the PDF, look for the magnifying glass with three dots at the top of the page, OR tap CTRL + F. There should be a box or a search bar show up somewhere on your page, depending on settings.

The Crow families have long held a love of the Syracuse-Wawasee area, and this was made evident by the history provided and attendance at the August 2021 Centennial Homes program featuring the Kroh family, Crow family, and the Crow’s Nest house.  Ann Garceau has put together the following documents to help explain some of the genealogical lines for the Crow families.